The edges of the dramatic reverse chine act like surfboard fins
to aid your steering and keep you on course, like nothing else


The design technology behind a Waverider's ability to actually "ride waves" makes them safer than any other boat.

  1. First, the reverse chine is a very specific angle and width which makes them have a similar function to surfboard fins. Without fins, a surfboard slips and slides on waves, allowing no control to the rider. In the same way, without the "wings" of a Waverider hull, a standard boat can do the same thing.
  2. Second, the beaminess of the hull is such, that the stability is truly trustworthy.
  3. Third, the reverse chine is carried all the way to the bow and stays just as radically wide as the sides. The distinctive "step" at the bow uses powerful hydrodynamic lift to force the nose out of a trough and prevent nose-diving & broaching.

These three features are an ecosystem, each working together and relying on each other when you find yourself driving towards a swell or with a swell at your back.