Matt reviews his 550 CC + Hydrofoils, 2019.

Matt - the new owner of the WR550CC+H, 2018.
Matt - the new owner of the WR550CC+H, 2018.

Wow Wow Wow!

I have had over 15 mono-hull boats over the past 25 years and this will be my last. I have always gone for name brand top-performers and it was a bit of a risk for me to consider a Waverider, as I had not heard of them prior. Only by chance, I was down at the ramp when Pat arrived with the 550 Waverider + Hydrofoil, and I was intrigued by its good looks and seaworthy appearance. I watched it perform in the surf, and I put it in my memory bank.

I then decided that it’s time to explore this vessel and organised a test run. Well, I couldn’t believe the effectiveness of the Hydrofoils in rough conditions. I decided that I wanted this boat and purchased it off Pat.

Since then, I have been out nearly every weekend and that’s saying something, as we have had constant northerlies for the past few months, and I’ve pretty much had the ramp to myself.

I have found that with the Hydrofoils down, the rougher it is the better it performs. When it is smooth, bring the foils up and business as usual with a very soft, direct riding hull.

Apart from having the softest riding hull I have ever experienced, the custom trailer is a dream for the single operator. Drive-on & off, self-catching coupling, 2 minutes and you are done. The skid trailer that is custom made to suit the hull makes launch and retrieve an absolute dream.

Any wind or angle, simply nose in, the hull will self-guide with the skids, power up, catch grabs, turn off motor and trim, drive away.

I am more than happy to personally speak with anyone that is interested in the Waverider Hydrofoil 550, with any queries as I love it and is my forever boat.

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