Mick reviews his Waverider 550CC, 2017.

Well here is a quick review of the waverider 550 centre console I’ve recently purchased. First of all let me say the build quality is very good as is the attention to detail.

The interior of Mick’s Waverider 550CC

My missus and I decided to take the waverider out for her first run the other day to set up bowmount electric test performance fuel economy etc. As for all weather forecasts, this one was a little out the wind against the tide provided some great little wave action up to 1 metre on the way out to the fishing grounds. As we took on the journey, the hull plowed through this savage chop, then immediately noticeable was that the hull did not bang or jar, as we hit some of these pretty hard, and the boat was still maintaining average speed between 36 and 40 kmh. Not at any time throughout the day did we feel unsafe as we travelled through a lot of this 50 to 80cm chop pretty much all day.

Waverider review from mick

Mick (right), getting the keys to his Waverider 550CC from Peter Hill, project coordinator for Waveriders at Aus Ships.

When arriving around the islands, this boat was probably the most stable boat I have ever fished out of. Even when anchored in the rough, I could have stood on the gunwales and fished. Most of the time we fished on the one side due to heavy tide run, and she barely moved — just like standing on dry land.

         The hydraulic steering was a great edition, but whilst travelling still felt a little heavy but was ok to deal with. Also, on the way out I still got a bit wet due to quartering on sea but was very dry for the rest of the day, and on the way home only got a couple of drops — not like most consoles, due to the reverse chines. I could even let go of the steering wheel in a following sea, and she just tracked straight. No broaching, even though some of the angles we took waves that should have happened but didn’t. The Cruising speed through this was great, as I was able to maintain still good averages as the hull is quite smooth allowing the higher speed, and the 150hp suzuki was more than enough power for this rig. I would even say you could drop back 20hp and still be great. Fuel economy was about 1.5km to the litre which I thought was not too bad considering conditions, boat size and weight, as we did 95km to about 60l, so expect to get a little better on calm days.
           To sum up: build quality is really great, looks the part as well. The boat is very stable and feels safe at all times handling seas that most people would normally not go out in with relative ease, but if you are running the bigger engines, the fuel capacity should be around the 200 plus litre mark, as mine has only got 155, if you are going out wide and conditions turn unfavourable. The level flotation foam and the reverse chines give you that feeling of ultimate safety.
Nothing she can’t handle, keeping us very dry in the ride for the most of the day. The hull provides no jarring in heavy impact and no broaching. Layout was quite good, and I think there is a new sheriff  in town in the boating industry, once these boats take a foothold. There is not too many out there that can match this ride.
Mick Taylor

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